Remuneration for translation is normally calculated on the basis of the number of pages translated.  A standard page has 1800 characters (or 250 words) with spaces. The rate per page depends on how deeply specialised the text is, as well as on the deadline and the text format (some formats, e.g. Power Point presentations, are more work/time-consuming). Price quotation is free.

Standard rate is applied to up to 10 pages a day.
Express rate applies to jobs requiring the translation of more than 10 pages a day and amounts to 50% of the base rate.
Native speaker verification (applies to translations from Polish into English): PLN 10.

Simultaneous (conference) interpretation: PLN 600/4 hours for each of the two interpreters (as a standard, remuneration for this kind of interpretation is calculated on the basis of 4-hour blocks). Please note that conference interpreting is always performed by two interpreters working in a team and requires the provision of materials enabling them to become prepared for the job.

Other interpretation jobs are priced at PLN 120/hour.