My specialty areas include:

• a decade-long cooperation with Polish and British animal welfare organisations (OTOZ Animals, RSPCA, CIWF and WSPA): numerous oral (conferences, workshops, examinations, radio and TV broadcasts) and written (reports, analyses, studies, brochures, subtitles, etc.) jobs on the protection of farm animals, laboratory animals, wildlife and pets; topics covered: veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, animal welfare, animal protection, food production, food safety, good agricultural practice, etc.;

• an extensive range of Polish and EU laws, regulations and directives related to the above topics;

• cooperation with Eurogroup for Animal Welfare (reports, EU communiqués, memoranda; topics covered: Common Agricultural Policy, sustainable development, animal welfare, animal protection, legislation, etc.);

• environmental protection: environmental impact assessments; studies on water treatment plants and landfills; debt-for-nature swaps, the ESCO sector, Baltic Sea environment; Polish and EU law in this scope;

• agriculture (good agricultural practice, animal husbandry, feeds);

• botany

• biology

• social sciences

• media studies

• philosophy

• cooperation with Amber Museum (branch of Gdańsk History Museum);

• general medicine: diets, impact of foods, glycemic index, human and animal health, hospice care, psychology;

• food: food production, quality and safety, menus;

• law: Polish and EU ordinances, acts, agreements, regulations, etc.;

• business (business talks, negotiations, contracts, correspondence, phone conversations);

• gardening;

• various other topics.

Books / periodicals translated:

Ars Educandi » 09 / 2012

Ars Educandi » 10 / 2013

Ars Educandi » 11 / 2014

Ars Educandi » 12 / 2015

Ars Educandi » 13 / 2016

Ars Educandi » 14 / 2017

• Andrzej Zaporowski
”Action, Belief and Community”

• A. Wincencjusz-Patyna, M. Cackowska,
”Look! Polish Picturebook!”

• translation for the Polish edition
of BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
since March 2015 until today

● Gabriela Gierłowska, “Beauty of Amber" (“Uroda bursztynu”) 

● Gabriela Gierłowska, “Amber in Therapeutics (“Bursztyn w terapii”)

● Gabriela Gierłowska, “Guide to Amber Imitations” (“Przewodnik po imitacjach bursztynu”)

● Gabriela Gierłowska, “On Old Amber Collections and the Gdansk Lizard" (“O dawnych kolekcjach bursztynu i gdańskiej jaszczurce")

● “Dobrostan zwierząt” ("Concepts in Animal Welfare") – academic textbook (Polish translation available at

● “Cracow with Kazimierz” (“Kraków z Kazimierzem”), guidebook published by Tessa

● “Gdansk” (“Gdańsk”), guidebook published by Tessa

● “Malbork – Castle of the Teutonic Order” (“Malbork – Zamek Krzyżacki”), guidebook published by Tessa

● “The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal” (“Kanał Ostródzko-Elbląski”), guidebook published by Tessa

● Prof. Andrzej Januszajtis, “From the History of the Gdansk Port” (“Z dziejów gdańskiego portu”)